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It's time to get serious about your credit health and get it repaired TODAY! Scr.services has helped thousands of clients qualify for low interest rate mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and more, by improving their credit scores. 

Let scr.services guide you down the journey toward fixing your bad credit. We’re not your typical credit repair service. With 10 years of credit repair experience, we have helped thousands of clients increase credit scores and improve credit reports. Results and customer satisfaction are of the utmost importance for us, that is why we are always eager to help and answer any questions which you may have.

Scr.services will never ask you to pay for any credit repair services which we have yet to complete. This is why we offer a FREE Credit Consultation with a qualified credit consultant who will:

Help you obtain your FREE Annual Credit Report and go over it

Explain what is inside your credit report. (both positive and negative)

Explain what a credit score is and how it is calculated

Explaining the different types of credit scores and the metrics used in calculating them.

Create a Custom Action Plan

A guide for you to follow which will outline the necessary steps in order to improve your credit score. Different Clients have different goals and no 2 situations are exactly alike. This is why we treat every case on an individual level. We are not a credit repair factory like many of our competitors, all of our work is custom.

Legal Credit Repair

Scr.services will follow the Credit Repair Organization Act (CROA) guidelines. We also offer guarantees and we promise first-rate service, attention to detail, and our dedication to improving your credit report and score.

Guarantee positive results on your credit report.

Scr.services guarantees 30 - 100 points increase in your credit score using our Tradeline Rental option (within 15 - 60 days), 10 - 235 points increase using our Credit Repair option and 2 - 3 points increase for every inquiry removed using our Inquiry Removal option or your money back.

Our Credit Repair Process

Analyze Credit

Before beginning, each client's credit report is analyzed. This helps us see what needs to be done so we can have a plan of action to get you the best results.

Dispute Accounts

After analyzing your credit report, we start the dispute process. During this step, we send dispute letters to credit bureaus and/or the creditors

Get Results

Typically, 45 days after we send the first round of dispute letters, results start to appear. Every credit situation is different so results may take longer than others.

Services & Pricing

We've got the best prices in the market, you can compare it with any other credit repair company.

$2,500 Tradeline 


  • Posts in 10-15 Days 
  • Will Report for 3 Months
  • 3 - 5 yr old  Tradeline
  • Additional Months $75 Each

$5,000 Tradeline


  • Posts in 10-15 Days 
  • Will Report for 3 Months
  • 3 - 5 yr old  Tradeline
  • Additional Months $115 Each

Get Your FREE!!! Credit Report

We need to see your credit report in order for us to know how to help you.
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Here are our Frequently Asked Questions and replies for some of your questions.

  • How does credit repair work?

    Credit Repair works because of The Fair Credit Reporting Act. If an item is not 100% accurate and verifiable, it must be removed from your credit report. Our letters (written by attorneys), are very successful in having harmful items removed from your credit report.

  • With our assistance and document processing, our clients have had great success removing bankruptcies, foreclosures, collections, charge-offs, repossessions, medical bills, credit card debt, inquiries, old addresses, judgments, tax liens and student loans.

  • Accounts are permanently removed. However, there are instances when removing collection accounts that the collection agency may sell the account to another collection agency after we have gotten the item removed. If for some reason you see an account that has already been deleted on your credit report under a new collection company, we will work on that account free of charge.

  • Credit repair is an ongoing process. Every credit report is different and results vary case by case. Clients have completed our program in as little as 2 months!

  • Yes. We service all 50 states!

  • Average Score Increase in 45 days​
    ​ +100 points - 38%
    +75 points - 51%
    +50 points - 89%
    +25 points - 92%

    Average score increase in 90 days

    +125 points - 63%
    +100 points - 84%
    +75 points - 91%
    +50 points - 97%

    Average score increase in 6 months

    +150pts and up - 47%
    +125pts and up - 62%
    +100 pts and up - 76%
    +75 pts and up - 98%

  • We will work to remove negative items on your credit report while helping you build your credit and reach your goals within your time frame. You will receive account set up instructions via email that will give you access to your client portal. There you can check your progress 24/7 and communicate with your credit repair specialist at anytime.

  • Yes, we offer $10 off of the second package purchased when signing up with a spouse or significant other. Just let your credit specialist know that you would like the couples rate.

  • Yes!

  • Yes. Our site is verified and all of your information is secure and confidential.

  • Each client has a secure online portal to access their account and monitor their progress 24/7. We update accounts every 30-45 days!
    You can also message your credit specialist at anytime.

  • Yes, Private Student Loans are included in our dispute process. For federal student loans there is an additional fee.

  • Voluntary and involuntary repossessions ultimately have the same effect on your credit. Both are the result of you breaking the original agreement to pay which will negatively affect your credit.

  • If an account has been completely verified and meets the FCRA and FDCPA standards, we will negotiate a settlement with the creditor based on your budget. Settlements are typically less than 50% of the original balance owed and can be paid in installments.

  • We can help with a student loan consolidation, lower your student loan payments, defer the payments if you need more time to pay, or create a plan to get them back into a positive status if they are in default. It just depends on what you need and how the student loans are reporting on your credit report.

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